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Buddha circle of friends

Small Buddha circle of friends



Guardian Statues

Hand Carved timber statue Guardians.

Buddha with bowl

Buddha with bowl

Buddha Lotus Statue

Lotus Buddha

Large Buddha Lotus Statue

Buddha Lotus Statue

Thailand Buddha

Thailand Buddha kneeling

Ganesha Statue

Statue of Elephant God Ganesha

Sleeping Buddha Face

Sleeping Buddha Face

Yin Yang Ornamental Disc 65cm (H)

Yin Yang fibrecement disc, size small

Buddha Head Lantern

Terracotta Buddha Head Lantern

Yin Yang Ornamental Disc 85cm (H)

Yin Yang fibrecement disc, size medium

Yin Yang Ornamental Disc 1.1m (H)

Yin Yang fibrecement disc, size large

Golden Warrior Statue

Stature of a golden buddha warrior

Wealthy Buddha Statue

Large Buddha sitting down

Easter Island Stone Head

Large stone head, modeled off the well known Easter Island moai

Golden Goddess Statue 1.5m

Statue of a Buddhist Goddess

Small Elephant Statues

Statues of various shapes and size of elephants

Sleeping Shoalin Buddha

Small Buddha resting head on knee

Sitting Buddha 60cm

Buddha sitting and making hand gesture

Buddhist Woman with Bowl

Buddhist woman kneeling with a bowl

Buddhist Woman Praying

Statue of a buddist woamn kneeling and praying

Young Laughing Monk 55cm (H)

Young Buddhist child laughing

Bamboo Framed Gong

Bamboo framed metal gong

Balinese Temple Ornament

Balinese style temple garden ornament

Extra Large Budha Face 1.75m (H)

Large Budha face murial

Large Budha Face 1.45m (H)

Large sized Budha face murial

Young Buddha

Stature of a young Buddha

Medium Sized Wealthy Buddha

Wealthy Buddha sitting

Small Wealthy Buddha

Wealthy Buddha sitting
(33 items) 2 pages
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