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Buddha Face Water Fountain

Water Fountain

Ganesha Water Feature 1.45m (H)

Flowing water feature with central Ganesha statue

Multi-Tier Water Feature 1.3m (H)

Water feature with 4 tiers

Triple Pot Water Featureb 1.3m (H)

Water fountain featuring a cascading triple pot design

Multi level Temple Water Feature 2.05m (H)

Cascading water design, mulit-level water fountain

Cascading Multi Level Water Feature

Cascading design, 3 levels of water flow

Step Down Water Feature

Step down design, water flowing between descending pots

Tiered Bowl Water Feature 1.7m (H)

Large water fature with a three basin flow on effect

Layered Stone Water Feature 60cm (H)

Layered stone domes with trickle down effect

Medium Size Budha Face 1.15m (H)

Medium sized Budha face with water fountain flowing out the top

Large Size Budha Face 1.4m (H)

Large sized Budha face with water fountain flowing out the top

Dancing Budha Water Feature 1.4m (H)

Dancing Budha water feature

Mini Sitting Budha Water Feature 55cm (H)

Peaceful Budha water feature

Mini Budha Face Water Feature 50cm (H)

Budha face water feature with cascading water effect

Tortoise Water Fountain 45cm (H)

Stone tortoise water fountain

Buddha Face 1.85m (H)

Large Buddha Face cascading water feature

Elephant Fountain 1.05m (H)

Elephant water feature - water spout in the trunk

Cascading Pebel Water Feature 95m (H)

Curved upright design - featuring pebel texturing

Circlular Water Feature 85cm (H)

Cascading circular design, mounted on a pedestal

Teardrop Water Feature

Cascading style water feature

Stone Bird Basin

Stone bird basin
(21 items) 1 page
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